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Keep your dog stress-free this holday season

f your dog is prone to stress or gets a little bit too excited when company comes, here are a few tips to help them stay calm this holiday season when company comes over.

  1. Plenty of time outside: Excercise is a way to work out some extra excitement they might display when the company comes around. Take them for a long walk or hike two to three times a day before Thanksgiving. Take them to the park and let them run and catch the ball. Exercise helps them not get bored and get rid of the built-up energy they have.
  2. Separate them from the crowd: if they are prone to jumping up on people. A separate room, kennel, or backyard are great options to keep them out of trouble. But be sure to check in on them periodically to ensure that they are on their best behavior. Tip: Each time you check on them and they are behaving, give them extra praise and plenty of belly rubs. Reinforcing good behavior will create good habits for them.
  3. Lots of toys: Make sure you have plenty of toys and things to chew on and keep them busy. Toys keep their attention and entertain them while you enjoy Thanksgiving.
  4. Remove and Repeat: If your dog is in the room with the company and starts to misbehave, remove them from the room each time. Please wait a few minutes and bring them back to the room with you. Repeat this process until the negative behavior stops.

Let us know your favorite calming techniques to keep your dog calm and destress.